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What does it mean Rome NCC?

It’s a a superior taxi public service 24h available. The NCC service (NOLEGGIO = RENT, CON = WITH, CONDUCENTE = DRIVER) always use superior top class cars like mercedes, bmw, jaguar or similar. With a NCC service you can be driven in every side of Rome without the preoccupation of traffic limits, fines or sanction. The NCC cars have a specially pass for all the restricted Rome downtown zone and can drive trough the city using reserved lane.

How much does it cost a Rome city tour or a transfer with an NCC service?

Depends on the car and the service you chose. Differently from a Taxi, you know first the amount of your trip (usally not to different from a taxi fee).

Is it possible to have an English driver?

As a rule all drivers speak English. On request you can have a driver who speaks German, French, Spanish, Arabic and even Russian. But it depends on the carrier.

For more details, please contact us to be sure. In any case, the drivers are professionally trained, discreet, elegant, polite and punctual.

How to reach the center of Rome if arriving at the port of Civitavecchia with my cruise ship?

If you arrive at the port of Civitavecchia with a cruise ship, you can reach the center of Rome with our transfer service from the port of Rome to the city center.

In this way you can enjoy all the beauties of the Eternal City without having to suffer the terrible pains of Roman traffic and especially traveling in luxury and comfort of a car of higher class.

Contact us for a free estimate and to learn about our availability for your dates of arrival at the port of Rome.

I am looking for a private driver in Rome. Who can I contact?

If you search for a private driver in Rome, your best bet is to contact professionals that can provide guarantees and assurances about their work.

safe journey is the most important thing.

The Rome Limousine Service offers a multitude of innovative services to suit all needs.

Hiring a private driver in Rome is to invest their money to the terms of relaxation and carefree. Book now a guided tour with private driver in Rome. Contact us for more information.

How to move the center of Rome if arriving with a cruise ship at the port of Civitavecchia?

Our car rental service with driver (NCC) allows all passengers on cruise ships around the world arriving at the port of Civitavecchia, to be transferred to the center of Rome or in their hotel with a luxury car driven by a chauffeur private.

Our cars will pick you up directly on the landing dock ship, and will allow you to live your relaxing holiday in Rome.

Please contact us for more information.

In case I had to carry a lot of luggage, a mountain bike, a golf bag, skis or the like is no room in the car?

Where there are bulky items or excess baggage is required to inform the service manager. The same applies where the passengers became more of those reported during the booking process.

What are the hours and availability of rental service with driver?

The car rental with driver is ongoing, has already been said and how shifts are available 24 hours on 24 and 365 days a year.